Handmade Sideboard
We at CasaDeLux pride ourselves on bringing you bespoke handmade products with a story. Each of our pieces whether big or small is handmade using reclaimed materials whenever possible. Handcrafted and hand finished by our skilled artisans who have been masters in making such unique furniture item for years. Because of them, many of our items have their own unique character.

The handcrafted touch of artisan’s skill in Handmade Sideboard creates variations in colour, size and design. These solid wood Sideboards enhance the beauty and functionality of your dining room or we can say any room you put these into. Choose from natural cherry, walnut, oak or maple wood. Fully customizable and guaranteed for life!

Handmade sideboards have taken on much greater importance since their first appearance. In Italy, the sideboard was basically a solid furnishing with cabinet doors. It was initially intended as an integral piece of dining room where the wealthy gathered for meals in southern European country.

In England and France, sideboards retained their utilitarian purpose means a place to keep hot water for rinsing silverware and from which to serve cold drinking water, but would evolve into double-bodied structures that allowed for the display of serve wares and utensils on open shelves. There are many ways we can customize or use these Handmade Sideboards in home decorations.

An antique handcrafted sideboard today is a sophisticated and stylish component in dining rooms of every shape, size and decor theme, as well as a statement of its own.

We have a verity of Handmade Sideboard on our website to scroll through. Whether you have a specific ideas, colour or style in mind or you’re open to browsing a vast collection to find the right fit, CasaDelux has a variety of antique, new and vintage sideboards to choose from.