Handmade Benches
Handmade Benches

Custom Handmade Benches both wooden and metal, bar stools and other furniture made to order in our factory in Hertfordshire. Rustic and contemporary designs integrated with luxe and beautiful woods to create unique handmade wooden benches.

At CasaDeLux’s Custom Furniture, we build everything by hand that too keeping in mind our customers needs or requirements. From the cabinet tops to the cabinets themselves, everything is hand worked to immeasurable perfection. If you find a Handmade Bench that you need or like, we might have it in our warehouse available for purchase or we can craft for you. If it is still available, then it could be delivered to your doorstep within a few weeks.

Custom Order Handmade Benches Piece

If you’re looking for bespoke built Bench piece to fit your living room, we can help you out! Let’s safely say you already have an idea in mind of a custom bench piece that you would like to have. You can submit your idea to us via email (info@casadelux.co.uk) or call us directly at 01923 517737.

Just describe the type of furniture you’re looking for, the size, shape, wood type, and any examples that you might have and we can give you a custom quote.