Bespoke Shelving and Storage Solutions ideas for small space

Small space living is common nowadays. People are loving and embracing minimalism, choosing for comfier and simpler lifestyles and smaller houses. But with small spaces there is the need for trendy and creative bespoke shelving and storage solutions, which can be a challenging work for any interior designer.

We design custom bespoke shelving and storage solutions for our clients with keeping in mind the trendy or modern looks, the space they want to keep in (big or small, we design for both) and durability, of course.

Here are a few ways to design custom storage solutions for small spaces:

1. Custom closets:

Only because your customer or client has a compact or small space doesn’t define that they don’t deserve a modern and beautiful closet. But it is a task to design one that will effectively store all their clothes and cover small portion of the room and it should have the following things too:

  • hanging rods at Multiple levels
  • Should contain rods, drawers, and open shelving
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Maximized vertical and horizontal space
  • White colour is important as to give the closet an open and airy look

2. Kitchen storage:

Tiny and small kitchens need all kind of extra storage space they can get that look modern and compact as the same time. We need to offer our clients modern and unique storage solutions to maximize their limited space: 

  • Slide-out drawers for the pantry and other things
  • Cabinets that reach the ceiling, this is the best place for storage
  • Full-extension drawer slides
  • Light colours always give the wide and airy look

3. Home office:

Small spaces or homes do not have a specified room for a home office. An unused corner is the best place where an office can be setup at home:

  • Small desk or table (we should avoid bright and chunky furniture)
  • Comfortable chair
  • Floating shelves and built-in storage

There are many more shelving and storage solutions for small homes but above mentioned are most important.

Casa De Lux believes that all life’s greatest luxury products can only be crafted by hand. Attention to detail, care and patience to let the design come to life.