Coffee Table
As a leading bespoke furniture makers in London, UK, we have a vision and passion for using sustainable materials to create beautiful, elegant and durable handmade dining tables and kitchen furniture that is built for life. We are totally fascinated and inspired by the oak frames. And we always loved to combine artisan furniture making techniques with contemporary design with architectural influences, great pack altogether, no? We hope that CasaDeLux’s furniture store or this blog will give you little bit of insight into the way we work. Happy reading!

Coffee Tables we offer:
  1. Adler Coffee Table
  2. Colt Upholstered Table
  3. Halton Coffee Table
  4. Trio Coffee Table - Black
  5. Valerie Coffee Table
  6. Viseo Coffee Table
We are continuously working on more great ideas and designs. Ideas and feedback are always welcome as these points are great help to improve if we lack somewhere.

The coffee table, preferably Bespoke Handcrafted Coffee Table is a must-have living room accessory that showcase the heart of the living area. It helps anchor a living room seating area and also works as a place for setting down drinks or snacks. It also provides a great display surface for books or decorative items. Here are a few tips to choose the right coffee table for your living room.

A coffee tables can be created in a wide range of materials, for example wood, metal, glass and marble. You can contact us to talk about each one of them and choose which one suits you best.

Casa De Lux is an independently owned Luxury Homewares Brand launched in 2020. It has been born from a desire to showcase extraordinary design in a completely unique retail setting.

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