Casa De Lux’s table lights and lamps collection were designed with an only thought: that the design has to be beyond the universal imperative of creating high quality furniture and accessories and to help our customers turn a place into a home as quickly and as beautifully and comfy as possible. The charm of such lamps and lights is hard to ignore whenever you see one soothing light on the corner of a table or a desk, suddenly, the whole room is filled with the warmth of golden light that our bespoke handmade lamps and lights throws and an unavoidable cosiness starts setting in.

No matter how dull or cold and minimal the design of the room was before, our well-chosen table lights and desk lamps can dramatically change it for the best. Choose one or even two or more that match your tastes and just see how quickly the place becomes comfier and more refined altogether.

The good thing about lights and lamps is their adaptability. By selecting a particular model and style for your table lamp depending upon on your room design and colour, you can drastically change the style direction in which the room is heading. Whether you choose a modern and sleek design, you will definitely put a classy and stylish touch to the room.

Choose your favourite or favourites from all wide variety of lights available in our store and witness just how much of an impact something so small can make! Teach your potential clients how to do something you offer – this can be an incredible way of showcasing your expertise on certain areas of your work.

Design is constantly evolving. As new technologies and materials become available so in turn arrives the ideas in how to yield, mould and manipulate them.

Lighting is especially important to us. It is a catalyst necessary to create a warm inviting interior. Working with a number of talented artisans we have assembled an exclusive collection of luxury designs that afford you the opportunity to customise finishes, materials and colours in order to deliver that perfect piece.

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