Sofa Reupholstery


If you are sick and tired of the same color and upholstery of your old sofa set then it’s time to give it a new look.  You can give a completely new avatar to your sofa set by indulging into Sofa Reupholstery.  

Read on as we tell you how our experts can give a new look to your sofa. 

Things To Remember While Doing Sofa Reupholstery: 

If you are about to do sofa reupholstery take into consideration the following points:   

  • Every sofa has its unique style, shape, and construction.
  • You must focus on the strength of the overall sofa frame like its armrest, corners, etc.
  • You must also inspect the quality of the sponge used and the sofa springs as these are also important apart from the fabric that is used during the construction.
  • Look for other details as well that need repair (like any wear and tear at any part that requires repair.) 

Aforesaid are some of the many points that you must take into consideration to set your sofa for a makeover. 

Upholstery; An Integral Part Of Sofa Construction: 

There are some other important parameters that you must not ignore while you are on a sofa reupholstery journey. Take a look at the same: 

  • Pay attention to the inner layers base materials of your sofa set. It is essential to do this in order to maintain comfort and strength. 
  • Also, it is crucial to understand that the upholstery of the sofa including the materials like metal sprints, padding, webbing, foam, etc. that are used to make the furniture more durable are also important to focus. 
  • If you want to downsize your sofa by removing the extra frame (as in case of three or five seater) you can do the same during sofa reupholstery You can get it re-designed by our experts who will give it a makeover as per your requirements and to make it fit in the room. 
  • You must look for the fabrics and material that complement your aesthetic needs and are appealing. 

Why Choose Us For Sofa Reupholstery?

With us you can always rest assured that you will get excellent furniture pieces even after sofa reupholstery. Our experts will give your furniture a customized look per your needs also giving it a personalized touch per your taste. 

You can feel free to get in touch with our experts and get free consultation about your sofa reupholstery needs.