Guardsman Protection Plans

Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan is a fool-proof protection plan that protects your beloved furniture item from accidental damages which includes damages like holes, cuts, tears, burns and tears in leather or fabric of the sofa. It could easily be repaired or replaced easily without any cost by availing the claim on your Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan. We expertise in the repair of all these damages which are done by professional craftsmen. We can also repair special furniture item and parts of your furniture like frames and feathers of your furniture.

Likewise, we at Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan very well understand the value that your furniture holds to you. Making of the furniture is costly and also there are sentiments attached with your furniture. We understand that furniture is a big investment, and it is made to last for a long time. It costs a fortune to build your furniture from scratch, any damage to the furniture will again cost you a lot of money. You can save this money and the stress of getting your furniture repaired by investing in a Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan, by paying a little more during the making or buying of your furniture. Your little extra investment would let you save the stress of further repair and replacement of your furniture.

Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan saves your furniture from damages and strains which are accidentally caused. If the damages on your furniture item is irreplaceable we also provide you with replacements of your items or its parts which can not be repaired by us. Then the replacement would be issued easily which is subjected to our protection plan's condition. We help in ensuring that your furniture stays in perfect condition for years to come.


By choosing Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan you get the freedom to be able to get your furniture professionally repaired whenever you want free of cost. We have a team of talented technicians who specialize in the removal of stains such as nail polish, paint, ink stains cosmetics, food dye, etc. easily. By choosing us you can be assured that your furniture is in safe hands.

Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan is easy to get and even easier to claim. You do not have to follow many instructions to get the claim of your policy. You can contact us from our website and get more information about Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan from our customer care.