Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan
A Guardsman Protection Plan is furniture insurance plan. This plan covers new furniture against accidental stains as well damages for five years. During this time period of insurance plan, you can file as many claims as needed by you. There is no excess and you are covered for new parts, labour and replacement items up to the indemnity value of your furniture protection plan.

The Guardsman furniture protection plan is the UK's leading provider of Furniture Insurance; helping protecting sofas, carpets, beds, wood and cabinetry. Furniture care and repair products and services.

At Casa De Lux, we know that accidents happen and are inevitable. That is why a 5-year Guardsman Furniture Protection plan will cover you against accidental damage to your leather and fabric upholstery, and living room and bedroom furniture. And as Guardsman is the leading provider of protection plans in the UK, you'll enjoy complete relaxation and peace of mind.

From the time your new furniture is delivered at your place, a Guardsman Protection Plan covers it fully against all kinds of accidents such as spills, scuffs, chips, scratches and more.

There are below mentioned simple steps to follow:

Simply call the guardsman or visit their website to download their claim form.

After doing that they will send an experienced technician at your doorsteps.

They will check that if you need new parts or old one can be repaired.

About Casadelux:

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