Interior Design
With more than around 100 years in the furniture business, Guardsman’s products and furniture protection or care plans offer superior quality solutions for all furniture care needs. Guardsman's team has quality trained thousands of its professionals about how to clean, repair, and maintain the furniture in the face of the hardest challenges that life can create.

Guardsman is the UK's leading provider of Furniture Insurance; protecting sofas, carpets, beds, wood and cabinetry. Furniture care and repair products and services.

At Casa De Lux, we know that accidents can happen at any point of time. This the reason why a 5-year Guardsman Furniture Protection plan will cover you against accidental damage to your fabric and leather upholstery, and dining and bedroom furniture. And as Guardsman is the leading provider of protection plans in the UK, you'll enjoy complete peace of mind.

How it works – it is very easy, read below mentioned steps:

  1. Simply call Guardsman
  2. They will teach you about steps
  3. If the damage can't be repaired, Guardsman will source new parts for you.

Casa De Lux offer a complete solution for interior design. In store you can find very exciting and exclusive pieces that laid out over 8 luxurious room settings.

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