Fabb Furniture Watford

Fabb Furniture Watford- the new scenario is here!

Fabb Furniture has bought the store that used to be Bensons for Beds in Colne Valley Retail Park. The store has a wide range of sofas, rugs, lanterns, and other dining and bedroom items for customers to look at.

The mascot for the Coventry Blaze ice hockey team had cut the ribbon to start an exciting new relationship between Fabb Furniture Watford and the team.

Opening day celebrations go through the bank holiday weekend, giving customers free drinks and snacks and a chance to win their whole order.

Customers who placed orders at the brand-new Fabb Furniture Watford store between April 7th and April 16th had their names entered into a hat, and one lucky person will be picked randomly the following week. The winner will get their whole order of furniture brought for free.

Want to make your home look more beautiful than it is now? If so, visit our beautiful store to look at our collections of designer chairs, soft mattresses, stylish dining room furniture, and unique bedroom furniture. It might not be apparent at first, but Fabb Furniture Watford has a table for every room in the house at prices that are hard to beat. We have a vast selection of ultra-chic, on-trend styles and prices to meet everyone's needs.

Very happy to keep costs low

We at Fabb are cautious with money, and we're thrilled to be able to pass on the savings we make by selling our handmade furniture straight from our workshops to you, cutting out the middleman.

Furniture made by hand at a fair price

Our workshop meticulously assembles a variety of chairs, mattresses, and headboards by hand. Besides that, we're very good at creating and making furniture. Together, their nearly 50 years of experience building sofas and over 150 years of experience making mattresses give our skilled artisans a lot of knowledge about creating and building furniture.

The Fabb Furniture Watford setting

We will always give you plenty of room to look at our beautiful goods at your own pace and without being bothered. Our sales staff have a lot of shopping experience, so they can help you with any questions you have about furniture. Rest assured that we will always be here to help whenever needed.

Something for everyone

We will indeed have something beautiful in our stores that is just what your home needs, regardless of your tastes and style. We have bins full of beautiful things for everyone, whether you like classic and useful pieces or trendy and modern ones.

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