Bristol BedBase
CasaDeLux’s unique setup means that we are able to offer any of our customers a complete bespoke Bristol Bed Base and services. Our customers are able to decide the size of their beds and customise their mattress dimensions according to them and can find the perfect bed for their requirements.

Do you need New Bed? Ask yourself these questions:

Is my bed over 8 years old?

Is my mattress sagging and lost its bounce?

Do I wake up with back ache?

If any of the above questions’ answer are Yes! Then this is the right time to book a new bed.

CasaDeLux has vast choice of bed bases, from Bristol Bed base to Kent bed base to Upstate bed base to name a few. A comfortable and good night sleep leaves you feeling fit, thinking straight and most importantly, happy.

All Casa De Lux Bedbases are made by hand using the best quality and sustainable materials and most importantly are affordable and durable at the same time. We undoubtly expect each of our bed base to provide you with great enjoyment and comfort for a lifetime which is why each of our pieces comes with our 10-year guarantee*

The Bristol Divan bed is the traditional divan base style. The hollow base of our bed allows more airflow through to the mattress, thus allowing for comfortable and cool undisturbed sleep.

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