Bespoke Furniture Designers
Commissioning a piece of furniture for home may sound lavish, but there are plenty of practical reasons for doing so.

We can help you create an object like no other that perfectly suits your needs, tastes, lifestyle and surroundings. You have complete control over the materials that are used, so you have full command on selecting the ones that are sustainable, meaningful and rare and OfCourse cost effective.

Wood is still the starting point for many of CasaDelux projects and pieces of furniture, however we also use a huge range of other materials in order to create the eye-catching and perfect pieces for our customers' homes decor.

We offer a high-end, bespoke furniture and its service for our customers that demands complex finishes and detailing. Our Bespoke Furniture Designs has been carefully selected for their quality, reliability and craftsmanship and we frequently use different artisans to deliver individual elements of one piece to guarantee the highest possible standards of workmanship at Casa De lux.

Working closely with our customers through every step of the process, our team of experts in London prides on providing the same level of exemplary service, whether it’s for a single chair or a collection of pieces for a large project.

All the pieces represented on our website or at our store are designed and commissioned by our Bespoke Furniture Designers.

As a renowned bespoke furniture company, CasaDeLux has had the pleasure of creating heavens for clients according to their taste and affordability, by rejuvenating the space and creating harmony with the design.