Bespoke Coffee Table

Coffee tables often act as a center of attraction for entire room or office space. They elevate the entire ambience of the room, in addition to being useful they act as a perfect decorative item. Coffee table offers you not only space to put down your coffee or tea but makes the entire ambience pleasant, and when designed properly it can be used as additional storage for your drawing room.

Take a look at our robust catalogs to help you design yourself a bespoke coffee table of your choice. We offer you various sizes and material options. You can get many different kinds of coffee table including standard, classy or funky coffee tables designed specially for your interior. You can customize your own coffee table to suit the interiors to your priority.

We are also the leading, bespoke furniture makers in UK, we work with sustainable materials, our designs are new and trendy. Likewise, we have a skilled team of craftsmen who create you beautiful, elegant and antique piece of bespoke coffee table. Furthermore, we also offer you tables made of different materials including metals, oak wood, pine wood, glass, marble, etc.

We excel at creating an excellent fusion between blending artisan furniture making techniques and contemporary furniture making. We work in elevating and using your available space in the best way.

Furniture are not made for just a day or two they are meant to last lifelong therefore they need to be both durable to resist the damage and be of such unique design and look that it stays in trend for long period of time. It should be practical and useful as well as pleasant in looks. Our Bespoke Coffee Table does exactly that, we create you a perfect blend of usability and elegant design.


  • Alder Coffee Table starting from £2,855
  • Aldwich Coffee Table starting from £1,860
  • Colt Upholstered Table starting from £1,706
  • Halton Coffee Table starting from £1,650
  • Mason Coffee Table starting from £1,660
  • Step Two Coffee Table starting from £755
  • Trio Coffee Table-Black starting from £2,315
  • Valerie Coffee Table starting from £660
  • Viseo Coffee Table starting from £3,595

For more variety of coffee tables and to check out our wide range of bespoke and other variety of furniture you should check out our website . We offer you both handmade and bulk-made furniture items in the most trendy designs, shapes and styles. We have many options of color and material which you can easily check from our catalog.

You also get to customize your own furniture with us, you just have to brief us about your vision and designs, and with your input our talented craftsmen create you a beautiful piece of furniture.