Bar Stool London

Casa De Lux’s wonderful Bar Stool collection is filled with stylish colours and classy designs that not only complement living room or dining room furniture but also bring a contemporary feel to your home.

The rise of the bar stool has been a main story of the decade, with kitchen breakfast bars becoming a trend of today’s generation. Wherever you have a high dining surface, a bar stool is a handy way to provide some seating without taking up too much space.

There are a few main considerations when you’re choosing a bar stool, so let’s go through them:

1. Height. Tall bar stools can be a struggle for kids or people with mobility issues, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing one.
2. Swivel. It’s very common that a bar stool rotates 360 degrees, and it’s a great feature that can help you get on it.
3. Style. There are going to be dozens of looks to choose from on our website or store. You can opt for a solid wooden style, for example, for a proper bar look. Stools also come with or without backs. We can customise according to your needs.

In terms of looks, you can go for the complete chrome cocktail bar look, which is always a popular choice among today’s generation, or you can choose something more from cafe culture, a dark brown leather look that’s always cool for all.

So if you have got high table or breakfast bar or having a high kitchen slab, you’re going to need at least one of these wonderful bar stools. Bar stool is an effortlessly cool addition to any kitchen or dining room, and make for handy extra seats when you’re entertaining guests or throwing a party.
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